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Concrete sanitary manholes are subject to deterioration as a result of being exposed to Hydrogen Sulfide. can install liners in the manholes in order to extend their useful life. The manhole liners we install are SewerShield inserts made of spun composite materials. These manhole inserts carry a 50 or 100 year warranty depending on which of the (2) available thicknesses. provides the labor, equipment, materials, maintenance of traffic and the expertise that will result in a successful manhole rehabilitation.

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If the sanitary manhole concrete walls are not too badly eroded, we can apply SewerShield calcium aluminate substrate and then the SewerShield epoxy coating. SewerShield and . provide a 15 year warranty on this manhole coating system. We also perform all types of manhole repairs, replacements, pressure grouting and piping. Call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the finest in manhole repair and rehabilitation service.

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